Bishop John Beahen
Assembly 2230

First Ontario District, Cardinal McGuigan Province
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada  

Faithful Navigator 2021 ~ 2023


John P. Scoles (613) 741-0338


Faithful Comptroller

Emmanuel Ukwu  (613) 456-6138

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Cartier Assembly #860, Fr JL Reynolds Assembly #1670, Ottawa, SK Vince Taillon Assembly #2903, Ottawa

The Fourth Degree of the Knights of Columbus is built on the principle of "PATRIOTISM "– love for and devotion to one’s country – and Fourth Degree Knights focus the majority of their activities on this principle. Yet, it should be noted that the Fourth Degree is an important part of the Knights of Columbus worldwide Brotherhood.  Nurturing a spirit of "FRATERNITY " within your Assembly is a vital aspect of the work of the Fourth Degree.  Our Assembly was founded on the premise of fostering synergy within our Brotherhood bringing the Councils of District 66 closer together .  As well, we promote Columbianism within the parishes that encompass the scope of our Assembly. We also welcome Fourth Degree members from other districts who wish to become part of our Assembly.  The Fourth Degree is the visible arm of the Knights of Columbus throughout the area.

Fourth Degree members compose a Brotherhood united in their dedication to patriotism enlightened by their Catholic faith. The patriotic spirit of every Knight of Columbus member can be enhanced if he chooses to join the Fourth Degree. To effectively celebrate and perpetuate patriotism, the Fourth Degree always welcomes additional members.  While it may be unrealistic to expect every Third Degree member to join the Fourth Degree, it is important to encourage Third Degree Knights to take the Patriotic Degree of our Order.  To be considered, you must be a current member of the Third Degree in good standing, and be sponsored by a member of the Assembly.  You must continue  your valid membership within your Council, paying your dues and remaining active in the programs offered within your home Council.

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