The Parish Pastoral Council

A Parish Pastoral Council is a ministry on behalf of the Parish community. A group of people called from and by the community of faith brings the desires, needs, questions and challenges of the community not only to the Pastor but also to one another. The Council then becomes a ministry unto itself for it becomes a facilitator , enabling members of the community to become aware of their gifts, creativity and needs, and encourages them to put these into action to build up the Parish.

Parishioners are encouraged to present their input through the Parish web site, the suggestion box, and phone calls to any members of the Council.

The Divine Infant Pastoral Council consists of eight elected members, each serving a two year term. Elections for four members are held each year, so that not all positions become vacant at once. A number of ex-officio members also sit on the Council.

The Parish Pastoral Council meets every second Wednesday of the month.

Pastoral Council
Current Members

Fr Waldemar Podlasz SDS Pastor
Jeff Orser Chair
Patrick Fletcher Vice chair
Caroline Engmann Councillor
Dn. Gerry Panes Councillor
Alisa Valks Councillor
Nathan Walker Councillor