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Pentecost (Year B) - May 20th, 2018


Welcome to Divine Infant Parish. Today we celebrate Pentecost. We warmly welcome any visitors to our parish and ask you to please sign our guest book in the foyer.

    If you have difficulty hearing, please tune your radio or iPod to FM 98.5 to listen directly from our amplifier.

  1. Please note that Monday is statutory holiday and Mass will be at 9:00am. There will be no evening Mass that day.

  2. There will be a special collection for Renovation and Expansion this weekend.

  3. Applications for the Knights of Columbus parish based award of $500 for students who are graduating from high school are now available. For more information on this award and the associated application kit, please visit the Knights of Columbus bulletin board in the parish foyer. To obtain a soft copy version, please email or contact the Parish Office, or click here.

For more details of these and other announcements please see this week's parish bulletin. 





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