Faithful Navigator

SK Theodore (Ted) McEvoy

              (1967– 1999)


SK Ted McEvoy joined Luke Hart Council 5558 and the Knights of Columbus on March 1, 1975 when he was exemplified in the 1st degree of our order.
He then proceeded to his second and third degrees on April 5, 1975. On October 1, 1994 he joined the 4th degree and became a member of Bishop John Beahen Assembly.
Brother Ted held most positions on the executive of Luke Hart Council 5558 including two terms as Grand Knight as well as over three 3year terms as financial secretary.
He was a member of the third degree exemplification team for 20 years.
He transferred to Resurrection of Our Lord Council 13701 in 2004 as a charter member and had the honour of being the charter Grand Knight and served two terms in that office.
As a fourth degree member SK Ted served 2years as Faithful Captain, 2 years as Faithful Navigator, 2 years as Faithful Admiral and 3 years as a faithful Trustee.
He initiated the assembly newsletter “The Sword” during his first term as Faithful Captain and was the first Faithful Navigator to serve two terms as Navigator with Bishop John Beahen Assembly.
SK Ted subsequently completed three one-year terms as District Deputy for District 66.