Faithful Navigator
 SK Joseph (Joe) Kingsley
     (1993 - 1994)


Past Faithful Navigator Joe Kingsley received the honours of the First Degree of the Knights of Columbus on January 11, 1968.
In May of 1971 he was exemplified in the Fourth Degree of our Order and became a member of Bishop John Beahen Assembly 2230.
On May 25, 1993 SK Joe was elected to a one-year term of office as Faithful Navigator of the assembly (1993-1994).
The following Fraternal Year PFN SK Joe was elected to the office of Faithful Admiral of the assembly (1994-1995).
Following his term of office as the assemblys Faithful Admiral SK Joe served as a Trustee of the assembly for two consecutive terms of office (1995-1997)
PFN SK Joseph Kingsley was a member of Divine Infant Council 7873 in Orleans, ON.  Joe passed away on 06 Jun 2012.