Faithful Navigator

SK Ronald (Ron) Delaney

        (2005 – 2006)


Past Faithful Navigator SK Ron Delaney was exemplified in the First Degree of the Knights of Columbus on September 21, 1981.                  
Brother Ron Delaney was twice chosen as “Knight of the Year” of Divine Infant Council 7873. He was chosen as “Knight of the Year” the first time for the Fraternal Years 1983 – 1984 
and for a second time for the Fraternal Year 2000-2001.     Ron performed the duties of Program Director during his term as DGK in 1984.            
SK Ron was elected to the Office of Grand Knight of Divine Infant Council 7873 in May of 1987 and Served in that office from July 1, 1987 to June 30, 1989.  During those years the Council won the Star award.             
Subsequent to his serving as his council’s Grand Knight he was appointed District Deputy of District 66 of Ontario State Council of the Knights of Columbus.  Dist 66 won a Star District award under Ron's administration.
Brother Ron is an active member of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Degree teams and is featured in pivotal roles at each level.  He also served on the KofC Archdiocesan Association and produced training manuals for officers and led training teams on officer training for many years.
When he retired as a DD, he was appointed to a special State Board position of  "Trainer of  District Deputies."  He presented many seminars during that time.  He, along with Brother Jim Jenkins, also did a stint fostering membership at the state level.
Not content with retiring, he then along with Brother Marcel Turgeon and PSD Ray Braun created the "RED BOOK" a state training manual for the third Degree Exemplification team and led the presentation at many seminars.
At the council level he has held most of the positions, and recently over the past few years has been the Advocate of Council 7873. He also was the editor of "Knight News" for about twenty years.                
Sir Knight Ronald Delaney was exemplified in the Fourth Degree of our Order on June 24 of 1990 at St. Patrick's Basilica.                 
PFN SK Ron is a charter member of Bishop John Beahen Assembly and served as the Charter Faithful Admiral of the Assembly (1991-1993).  Following this he was elected Faithful Captain of the Assembly (1993-1994).         Following this he was elected to the Assembly’s highest office, Faithful Navigator for the Fraternal Year 2005 – 2006. Following his term of office as the Assembly’s Faithful Navigator, PFN SK Ron assumed the responsibilities of the assembly’s Faithful Comptroller. He served three terms of office in this position (2006-2010)
.  Ron was also chosen as Knight of the Year  for Assembly 2230 in 2009.
Brother Ron is still very active in Council 7873 and  Assembly 2230 and is the current WEB Master of both 7873 and 2230 which he introduced in the nineties.  He also prepares the awards for Council 7873 and in the past has done so for Assembly 2230 as well.  He has acted as  the official photographer at assembly and council events.