Faithful Navigator

SK William (Bill) Briggs

       (1996 1997)

Past Faithful Navigator SK William (Bill to his friends) Briggs joined the Knights of Columbus on October 17, 1982.
Brother SK Bill was a member of Pope John XIII Council 7302 in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia.
He completed his 2nd, 3rd and 4th Degrees of our Order while living in Halifax, Nova Scotia.                  
Bill subsequently transferred his Third Degree membership in our Order to Divine Infant Council 7873 in Orleans, Ontario in September of 1987.                  
During the years that following, PFN Sir Knight Bill held a number of positions in Third Degree of the Knights beginning with Outside Guard;
followed by Recorder; Chancellor; Advocate; and Lecturer; Culminating with the coveted office of council Grand Knight.
Sir Knight Bill was elevated to the 4th Degree of our Order with Archbishop McCarthy Assembly in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on June 23rd 1984.

He transferred his Fourth Degree membership in the Knights of Columbus to Bishop John Beahen Assembly 2230 in January 1991, and was a charter member of Bishop John Beahen Assembly
when the assembly was officially chartered on the 25th of January of that year.
During his tenure as a member of the fourth degree of our Order Sir Knight Bill has held the positions of Faithful Outer Sentinel; Faithful Scribe; Faithful Pilot; Faithful Captain; Faithful Navigator, and Faithful Admiral.                  
PFN Sir Knight Bill was elected to the office of Faithful Navigator on May 21, 1996, and served in that prestigious office from July 1, 1996 through June 30, 1997.
Past Faithful Navigator SK Bill became an Honorary Life Member of the Knights of Columbus in October of 2008.