Bishop Brendan O'Brien

Master Aubrey Allen of Peterbourough, Master of Fisrt Ontario District
Presents the Charter to Faithful Navigator SK Keith Boyden

SK Tom Donohue presents Ina Boyden with a special gift while SK James Jenkins looks over their shoulders

SK Fidelis Ward xxx,xxx,xxx,xxx,SK Vince Keating and wife

Faithful Navigator Tom Beegan of Father Reynolds Assembly makes a speech.

Bishop O'Brien, Ina Boyden, Master Aubrey Allen

Ina is presented with a Years supply of Peanut Butter by SK Ron Delaney

Bishop John Beahen's brother SK Matt Beahen looks on while the banner is raised
Jackie Braun is seated beside Matt.

Father Bluger, Rick Hearn and wife, Joe Lochman & Wife

Keith Boyden, xxxxxx, Ray Braun, xxxxx, Rilla Jenkins

Keith receives the bell presented to the Assembly 2330 by Sir Knights Ron Delaney & Jim Jenkins

Charter Faithful Navigator SK Keith Boyden

Master of District One: SK Aubrey Allen

Father Joe Delaney, Vince Brown & wife, Father Stephen Hill, Elske Delaney and her husband.

Matt Beahen, Bishop Brendan O'Brien, Ina Boyden, Master Aubrey Allen, Keith Boyden, Mrs Allen Ray Braun

The late Fraternal Representative Manager Bob Fitzgerald & wife
with FN Tom Beegan of Father Reynolds  Assembly and his wife

XXXXX, yyyyy, Moe Caza and wife Roseitha, xxxxxxxxxxx, xxxx, xxxx